What our student ministry is all about...

Seek:  We want to make every student feel welcome and wanted.  We use relevant terminology so that anyone will understand the spiritual meaning behind everything they experience.  Invite your friends, Sunday mornings at 11am!

Disciple:  Small Groups (6:30pm on Wednesdays) exist to deepen relationships between believers and begin relationships with newcomers.  Each small group operates like a family, and is designed to feel more like a living room than a classroom.  We study the Bible together, ask questions, and pray for one another.

Send:  Students are reaching people for Jesus everywhere from their school campus to foreign countries.


Important Dates


June 8 – Last Small Group of the Semester
June 18-25 – Costa Rica Mission Trip
June 29 – HS Night at Birkdale
July 6 – MS Night at Birkdale
July 11-14 – Middle School Mission Week
July 25-29 – Camp




August 28 - Promo Sunday (move up a grade)

August 31 - Small Groups are back!

Email kyleh@ccchuntersville.com for more information on student ministry or any of these events!